Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poser Pro 2014 Features

Poser Pro 2014 Features

Amazing productivity tools designed for professional content developers of Poser.

Fitting room

Adapting interactive clothing and accessories for all figures and glue to create new clothing line with five smart ways to automatically release tighten, smooth and maintain soft and hard features. Painting grilled cards to control the exact areas you want to change. Using tools pre-setting the address of the mesh around the shapes of the objective figures. With a button to generate a new item according to the target platform, complete with full transfer morph.

Figure morphs copy of Figure

When creating new content for the figures in Poser morph transfer line allows developers to more easily carry support a wide range of numbers and understand the body and becomes a part of the body that can be operated by the base figure.

Configuring powerful controls

To give developers more power Order content, display the hidden settings that can be modified interactively. Drag and drop to change the channel settings and the calculation of the order parameters to control how operations such as physical simulation, morphing, elbows and interact deformers.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Poser Pro 2014 Review

Smith Micro Software had released their new 3D animation software - Poser Pro 2014.
There are many new features add-in compare with Poser 10 Pro and Poser 2012.

This review we compare the pro features of Poser Pro 2014 with the standard features Poser. 3D Artists and 3D Animation Programmers should read before buy.

Standard Features of Poser Pro 2014

  • Magnet & Deformer Weight Map Painting Tools
  • Pixar Subdivision Surfaces
  • Bullet Physics for Rigid, Softbody & Hair Dynamics
  • Cartoon Preview
  • Magnet and Deformer Weight Maps
  • Material Compound Nodes
  • Raytrace Preview Pane
  • Morph Brush Improvements
  • Gamma Correction
  • Grouping Tool Improvements
  • Rendering Speed Optimization
  • OpenGL Speed Optimization
  • New Realistic Human and Cartoon Figures
  • Material Room for advanced material editing
  • Face Room for creating custom faces on supported figures
  • Hair Room for creating dynamic hair and fur
  • Cloth Room for creating dynamic clothing props
  • Setup Room for the creation and rigging of new figures
  • Content Room browser within Poser
  • Wardrobe Wizard to fit existing clothes items onto new figures
  • wxPython Support
  • Python 2.7 Support
  • Facebook image export
  • Recent Render palette